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Windows Mobile 6.5:如果你非常喜欢windows mobile系统的手机,那或许你会很需要office软件,微软已经在开发office的移动版了,其中包括:Excel、Word、Powerpoint、OneNote等等,看来微软确实是在力捧OneNote,但是从beta版本看来,似乎需要Windows Mobile 6.5触摸屏的手机才能完美运行,无论如何有总比没有好,最近微软关于Windows Mobile的动作也蛮多,笔者甚至怀疑office 2010 mobile是不是要和windows mobile  7 一起上市呢?等吧!!!

Windows Mobile 6.5: If you’re rocking a fairly new Windows Mobile phone, Microsoft offers a beta build of its portable Office applications until April 2010. That means free viewing and editing of Excel, Word, Powerpoint, OneNote, and other documents.

The app seems to require a touch interface, along with the 6.5 system, so it’s not exactly meant to flood the mobile masses. Still, for those willing to put up with an occasional bug and goods you know will expire, it’s a nice little upgrade. Launch the Marketplace app to grab the Office Beta, or read up on it at the link.


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