iPhone OS 3.13越狱确认美国时间周五放出

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 iPhone Dev Team成员comex和chpwn在Twitter上的谈话已经确认:新一代越狱工具Spirit可能在周末就会发布,这款新的越狱工具将支持iPhone、iPod touch和iPad全系列设备


 此次JB将越狱 iphone 2g/3g/3gs 41周前/41周后 所有bootrom/bootloader/firmware 当然包括3.12/3.13 itouch 1g/2g/3g, ipad wifi, (ipad 3g?)

  大前提是: 你的ip/it 必须是激活了的, 纯砖头的(都不能当touch用)无法越狱.

 activate/激活 就是指新的小i拿回家 随便装个sim卡 打开itunes注册一下,过去连线光盘那个屏幕, 标志质保开始
@comex so when’s it coming out? At least give a month please

 about 4 hours ago via Twitterrific in reply to comex
啥时候出 给个大约月份
@wahoofan5 Friday.
about 2 hours ago via web in reply to wahoofan5
@comex I just wanted to ask about ‘Spirit” JB will jb and unlock all 3gs?
about 3 hours ago via web in reply to comex
@Youngbloodz48 No, it won’t unlock any devices. It will jailbreak all devices which are activated.
about 2 hours ago via web in reply to Youngbloodz48
必 须激活的3gs才行(废话)
@comex Will “Spirit” work on an iPhone 3GS with stock 3.1.3 with an old bootrom? Please respond. Thanks.
spirit能越狱运行原生313老版本(41周前)bootrom的 3gs么?
@3dgben As long as it’s activated.
about 2 hours ago via web in reply to 3dgben
@comex You are probably so sick of this kind of question, but are you waiting for 3.2 for iPhones and iPods before releasing Spirit?
我知道你对这种问题已经听的 恶心了 但是我还想问 你是在等fw3.2出来以后再发spirit么?
@Phalangees No.

about 2 hours ago via web in reply to Phalangees
RT @chpwn: Spirit doesn’t work out of a browser, and has nothing to do with pwn2own. Works on latest firmware, all devices. Please RT!
spirit 不是用safari越狱的,跟pwn2own没一毛钱关系. 可以越狱最新的fw. 所有ip都能越狱(包括itouch?)
是否 完美/tethered 目前尚不清楚 comex没说。

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