Opera 10.60 Alpha-Win3403 /Mac8366/Unix6347

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不仅是地球最快浏览器,更新速度也快。Opera 是来自挪威的一个出色极快的浏览器,具有速度快、节省系统资源、定制能力强、安全性高以及体积小等特点,目前已经是广受欢迎的浏览器之一。就在之前那个版本发布后的几个小时里,我们又修复了大量的问题,现在我们再发布一个新版本供您测试!

我们修复了 Mac 系统下 SVG 渲染的几个严重问题,并优化了启动速度。10.60 Alpha 1 的两个程序崩溃问题也被修复。

我们还修复了无数的 Linux 字体问题,对 X11 模式进行了优化,还修复了 KDE 选择文件时卡死的问题。


UA 里有两个 Presto 引擎版本号
网页字体在 Mac 上无效
Java 在 FreeBSD/Linux 上无效
输入法在 FreeBSD/Linux 上无效



CORE-30188 (Frequent Carakan crash)

CORE-30259 (Text selection removed on right clicking)

CORE-30317 (Excessive memory consumption (>1.5 GB))

DSK-281488 (Some custom shortcuts do not work)

Fixed memory leak on pages with dynamicaly updating content and SVG animations

DSK-283694 (Big SVG drawing performance regression)

DSK-300340 (Copy does not work in mail composer)

DSK-300471 (Various small startup performance improvements)

DSK-300476 (No representation of dragged GIF and crash on dropping)

DSK-300677 (Remove JEP license from opera:about)

DSK-300722 (Crash when dragging text from input field)

DSK-276417 (It is not possible to change the KDE style whilst Opera is running)

DSK-288576 (Right mouse button, copy image to clipboard doesn’t work)

DSK-288597 (Nothing happens after clicking OK on missing flash prompt in widgets)

DSK-294940 (KDE file chooser often freezes after hovering folders)

DSK-296279 (Font rendering looks different to system when using slight or medium hinting)

DSK-297441 (Crash after changing KDE style and canceling save KDE dialog)

DSK-297453 (Crash in when canceling download dialog before clicking save)

DSK-299664 (kfmclient exec doesn’t work)

DSK-299670 (Opening content via “Pass web address directly to application” doesn’t work)

DSK-299995 (Medium hinting should be mapped to full hinting)

DSK-300004 (Slight hinting does not look good)

DSK-300026 (Font kerning is disabled)

DSK-300094 (Ctrl+Tab cycler can not be closed with mouse highlighting activated)

DSK-300206 (Wrong color on tooltips in X11 based version on UNIX)

DSK-300272 (Highlighted entry in drop downs is painted white on white in X11 mode)

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