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小巧却功能强大的BT客户端程序,拥有所有常规功能,内网下载方面不错的表现,外网就更不用提了。支持多任务同时下载,支持设置文件下载优先级,可以根据计划任务调整占用的带宽,全局/单个任务的速度限制,快速断点续传机制,支持 UPnP 和 NAT-PMP,支持流行的 BT 扩展协议,支持用户来源交换,支持 DHT 网络,支持 BT 协议加密以突破封锁,支持 RSS 下载,支持自动关机/重启/待机,占用系统资源很小,运行速度飞快。更多功能请自行发掘。


— 2010-06-18: Version 2.0.3 (build 20193)
– Change: rate limit uTP by default
– Fix: Fixed fast-resend bug in selective ack handling in uTP. This could cause too aggressive resends on packet loss
– Change: fix crash when formatting a string with NULL
– Change: make uTP slightly less aggressive on loss
– Change: Mention uTP in settings and reorganize new bandwidth checkbox since they apply to both up and down limits

— 2010-06-11: Version 2.0.3 (build 20091)
– Change: Render TCP rates in speed graph when uTP is not throttled
– Change: Moved net.calc_overhead to the Bandwidth settings pane
– Change: Turn on uTP throttling when scheduler is in “limited” mode
– Fix: Fixed a delayed ack issue in uTP (lowers overhead)
– Fix: made magnet links in RSS feeds work
– Change: made uTP packet size increase based on low delay measurements
– Fix: made uTP packet size depend on total send rate, not just uTP send rate
– Change: new advanced settings net.disable_ipv6 that defaults to True on 64bit Windows
– Change: Don’t show add torrent dialog by default.
– Feature: Add checkbox to disable UDP trackers
– Change: Sharper help graphic
– Fix: fixed crash while adding torrents – if more than 100 are added concurrently it will be done silently

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