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离上一个Build发布的第二天,uTorrent团队又发布了版本号为20814的uTorrent v3.0 RC,主要更新了在选择和排序的时候的问题,另外一个更新是程序在启动的时候支持未挂载的卷,算是增加的一个小功能吧,其他仍然没有变化,体积还是那么小,估计3.0正式版也快了!


uTorrent v3.0 RC Build 20814

  • Fix: Selected / sorting column no longer reverts to default.
  • Feature: Make utorrent deal properly with unmounted volumes on startup.


2010-08-03  更新记录:

utorrent 2.2 beta build 20896

  • Change: Multiselect is now the union of all selected items. this fixes label selection
  • Fix: Safari 5 compatibility for WebUI
  • Fix: Status icon in lower right corner no longer cut off.
  • Change: Download screenshot on find conent dynamically
  • Fix: not all favicons were downloading for default search providers
  • Fix: Crashes in IEFrame
  • Fix: Crashes after app install
  • Fix: Changes to/between app download/install nodes
  • Change: Hide the find pane on win2k (it’s not supported)
  • Fix: take our survey no longer hides the toolbar
  • Fix: Find Content Pane is the default on first install
  • Fix: Find Content no longer will show if the category tree is hidden
  • Change: Gracefuly degrade if app icon is missing: allow app to load
  • Fix: WebUI security improvements


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