foobar2000 1.1 Beta 3/1.0.3 Final

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上一个版本发布到现在差不多10天,这次新版本发布时间挺快,这次更新没有增加新功能,纠正了不少UI错误和兼容性错误,里正式版已经越来越近了!这次更新主要修正了一下问题:“PlaceBack”、ASX文件兼容问题、通知区域图标bug、Media Library崩溃问题等。

Foobar 2000 1.1 beta 3更新记录:

  • Fixed incorrect behaviors with both “cursor follows playback” and “playback follows cursor” enabled.
  • Improved compatibility with dodgy ASX files written by Windows Media Player.
  • Fixed notification area icon minimize bugs (again).
  • Fixed problems with encoding very long audio streams to Vorbis.
  • Fixed a very rare crash when using the Media Library preferences page.
  • Various other maintenance updates and bug fixes.

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