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Foobar2000的更新好像很久没发布了,在版本帝盛行的今天,这样可不行啊。不过这次更新的内容虽然不多,但是也还很实用了,比Windows自带的Media Player好很多,家里有高音质播放设备,又比较喜欢用电脑播放歌曲的网友,Foobar2000是必备的了!


  1. Improved first run experience(改善首次运行体验)
  2. With standard (non-portable) installs, foobar2000 Media Library defaults to indexing your music folders indexed by Windows itself.(标准安装的情况下,Foobar2000将使用Windows的标准媒体库)
  3. HTTPS support in networking services(HTTPS链接支持)
  4. This is mainly relevant to component developers. You can now access HTTPS URLs through filesystem and http_client services.(同上,也是和HTTPS方面的支持)
  5. Fixed a rare crash when closing the Preferences dialog in specific conditions.(解决在设置界面某些对话窗口假死的问题)
  6. Improved compatibility with broken MP4 files.(增加了以损坏的MP4文件的支持)

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