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iPhone 4的天线门曾让苹果焦头烂额,Android今天也出了令人哭笑不得的问题,这次问题来自于短信功能。目前已知Android中包含一个bug,在一定条件下被激活后会随机向联系人发送短信,该问题已经被发现并持续了6个月。不过目前还没有解决的办法,估计官方会跟进。


Device: Nexus One. One day old. Updated to 2.2 FRF50

Default Android Messaging Application.
No apps installed.

– Send SMS message to RecipientA.
– Message appears to be successfully sent to RecipientA.
– RecipientX receives message.
– ‘View Message Details’ in RecipientA thread, shows ‘To’ field as being RecipientX’s MSISDN (phone number).

Has occurred multiple times on this device now.

Interestingly, has never occured on my other Nexus running the same FRF50 build.

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