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Opera 11.01 Build 1160 Dev

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很久没有关注Opera的消息了,最近Opera 发布了11.01 版本号为1160的快照版,但是和往常一样,这个版本不推荐普通用户使用,因为会有很多bug,甚至会导致数据丢失。但是如果您是版本控,那就放心的更新到这个版本吧。文章结束附下载地址。

Changes in Opera 11.01 Build 1160 Dev Snapshot:

  • * Mouse gesture sensitivity/recognition fixes
  • * Several crash fixes (Dragonfly reload, file download, extension autoupdate, search suggestions, mail account dropdown, and more)
  • Core
  • * Several crash fixes
  • * CORE-1377 Support DOM3 window.DOMStringList
  • * CORE-6716 Script element re-executed if child text changes
  • * CORE-8390 HTMLElement.toString() throwing an exception for all HTMLElement prototypes
  • * CORE-32425 Crash when clicking a link twice
  • * CORE-34292 Touch event attributes misnamed in SVG
  • * CORE-30292 Cross-network warning misfires
  • * CORE-33886 opera:config cannot do cross-domain xmlhttprequest after reloading
  • * CORE-28407 Small amount of alphanumeric characters breaks the heuristic language detection
  • * CORE-17830 href property for import returns resolved URL instead of original string
  • * CORE-16738 Dynamically added stylesheet fails to apply if rel attribute is set after href attribute
  • * CORE-23627 Add name and align as HTMLEmbedElement members
  • * CORE-27624 Pressing Enter in <input type=”number”> doesn’t submit form
  • * CORE-33113 Default margin on body is 5px when the document is in an iframe, should be 8px
  • * CORE-28251 Fragment identifier matching needs to allow ID to override NAME
  • * CORE-20367 textContent creates multiple text nodes from big (>32000 characters) string
  • * CORE-18529 DocumentType not prototypable
  • * CORE-34298 Empty script elements still have an empty text node child
  • * CORE-33964 Feed preview fix
  • * CORE-28782 Windowed plugin not shown if displayed inside positioned iframe with overflow container
  • Winstaller
  • * DSK-322193 Crash when installing or uninstalling Opera
  • * DSK-316074 No File Lock window on upgrade when Opera is running on Windows 2000
  • * DSK-306014 Several processes when upgrading on limited Windows Vista/7 account
  • * DSK-320566 Problems after MSI update that requires reboot
  • * DSK-321901 Opera creates a file called desktop.ini and places it on the desktop
  • * DSK-322333 Switching languages in the winstaller does not change the language in the help tooltip
  • * DSK-323419 Error code 76 if the MSI uninstallation fails to find the source package

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