Foobar2000 v1.1.6 beta 1发布

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Foobar2000 是一个非常非常值得推荐的多媒体播放器!程序体积非常小巧,运行时只占有1.9M内存,5%左右的CPU资源,资源消费很小,界面朴素,没有Skin和其 他多余的东西,简单就是一种美。这个版本目前还是测试版,可能会有很多问题,不推荐新手使用。
foobar2000 v1.1.6 beta 1 has been released. This update focuses on improving tagging compatibility with Windows Media Player and iTunes.
change log version 1.1.6

  • Improved performance when playing very short tracks.
  • Improved tag compatibility with other software.
  • “Album artist” is mapped to ID3v2 TPE2 like in WMP/iTunes.
  • Support for iTunes “itunescompilation” tags, in MP3/ID3v2 and MP4.
  • ID3v2.3 tags are now written by default since version 2.4 seems to be widely ignored by software vendors.
  • Added support for multi-value WMA tags.

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