Linux Kernel 3.0正式版已经发布

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Linus大神上午放出了Linux Kernel 3.0正式版。尽管主页上还没发布,但ftp上已有下载。经过7个RC版。上一个版本是5月19日的2.6.39.其实从改进上看叫2.6.40更合适一些。不过也许新的版本号命名方式代表了这是一个新的开始。未来众多发行版也将启用这个新的内核,没有特大改进,只是改一下版本号而已。

Linux 3.0包括如下改进和新特性:

Linux 3.0:

Btrfs data scrubbing and automatic defragmentation, XEN Dom0 support, unprivileged ICMP_ECHO, wake on WLAN, Berkeley Packet Filter JIT filtering, a memcached-like system for the page cache, a sendmmsg() syscall that batches sendmsg() calls and setns(), a syscall that allows better handling of light virtualization systems such as containers.

New hardware support has been added: for example, Microsoft Kinect, AMD Llano Fusion APUs, Intel iwlwifi 105 and 135, Intel C600 serial-attached-scsi controller, Ralink RT5370 USB, several realtek rtl81xx devices or the Apple iSight webcam.


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