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There is no shortage of document scanning apps on the Play Store, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Lens. But if you aren’t happy with those options, or if you frequently use Adobe Document Cloud, then Adobe’s new scanning app might be worth trying out.

Just like other scanning apps, this app uses your phone’s back camera and some basic page edge detection to emulate the functionality of a normal document scanner. Opening the app takes you right to the scan screen, where the app will take a photo and crop it to only show the document. A few other tweaks, which can be disabled, are also applied to the image (like increased contrast).

Once you’re done taking pictures, simply tap the pages button at the bottom right, where you have the option of editing the document before saving it. All scans are automatically saved into the Adobe Document Cloud, so if you regularly use Adobe products, this might be a huge plus for you. If you would rather save it somewhere else, you can press the Share button on the finished document.

In my limited testing, Adobe Scan was pretty good at pointing out the edges of a page, and the OCR text recognition works very well. As a test, I printed a few pages of War of the Worlds, and scanned it with the app. You can compare the original and the scan below (I’ve uploaded the scan to Google Drive as well).

If you want to try out Adobe Scan for yourself, you can get it at the Play Store below. Keep in mind that you will need an Adobe ID to use the app, but no subscription or payment is needed.

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