First look at Apple’s iOS 11 Preview

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At Apple’s WWDC 2017 the company announced the newest update to their mobile operating system, iOS 11. New update is now available to developers through the Apple Developer Center and will be available as a public beta later this month. As we begin to dive into the new operating system, let’s take a first look at what the update brings to the user experience.

With iOS 11 this year Apple showed a renewed focus in using Siri as the device’s personal assistant. Now integrating across the user experience, Siri will become even more contextually aware. Also shown off on stage was a redesigned Control Center that looks to make accessing common tools even easier.

iOS 11 Pre

Notable Changes:

Signal bars are no longer dots, harkening back to an original style
Tweaked battery status iconography
New iTunes Store icon
New Lock Screen/Notification Center behavior
New Calculator icon
Redesigned Calculator UI
Redesigned Podcasts app
Redesigned Control Center w/ Screen Recording and customization (Thanks Justin!)
Design tweaks in Mail
Can now pause currently uploading photos to iCloud
Navigation bar elements are thick and bolder
New Shut Down option under Settings
‘Express Settings’ option when configuring device anew
New iPhone Storage pane under Settings > General (Thanks Sean!)
Apps in the dock no longer display their names
Two new Messages effects (Thanks secDJ!)
One-Handed Keyboard mode (Thanks Matt17000!)
AirPods can now enable Next/Previous track options

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